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 Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl Vol. 1, Ep. 1 - 5
Why the heck to I dig these gender benders? I liked this se ..
Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl Vol. 1, Ep. 1 - 5 Reviews
Product: Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl Vol. 1, Ep. 1 - 5  Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl Vol. 1, Ep. 1 - 5
From: Paul
Date: Friday 23 September, 2011

I really enjoyed this series but I'll admit that it's the kind of story that I enjoy. Rather than over-the-top villains and cosmic clashes between good and evil, this story simply takes characters that you quickly grow to like and care for and force them to deal with decisions that lack any "right" answer. It presents wonderful opportunities to play the "what would I do in this situation" game. But be warned that if you become attached to movie characters, this one will haunt you for some time after it's over.

That said, I have a couple of minor complaints presented in order of decreasing importance. First, Hazamu is portraited, particular during the middle of the series, as immature to the point of almost being infantile. It's often hard to see why the other two girls, both clearly more mature, would find her so attractive. She was simply too weak to be the apex of the triangle.

Second, everybody kept saying she had to make a choice. Why? She's in high school! What's wrong with just saying "I'm not ready to make a commitment - deal with it".

Third, Hazamu makes an incredible smooth transition from male to female. Except for a couple of minor jokes about learning the mechanics of being female, there was no evidence that she had any real identify crisis or any trauma from the sudden sex change.

Which leads us to number four, the issue of sexual identity was given remarkable little time. Given that we have a guy who becomes a girl but apparently keeps his attraction to girls, and another girl who apparently switches her attraction from male to female at the drop of a hat, the fact that the issue was never addressed felt odd.

One final note. The story appears to end, if not very satisfyingly, at the end of episode 12. The end was so convincing that it took us a moment to realize that we had miscounted and there was another episode. The final episode gives a more satisfying ending, but stylistically it didn't seem to fit. It was more of a fantasy/fairy tale than the story really called for. It was like they decided the first ending didn't work and attached this one on as an afterthought.

Rating [5 of 5 Stars!]

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