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Beyblade Vol. 10 Let It Rip!

World Championships
 Beyblade Vol. 10 Let It Rip!
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Stranded on the Russian tundra, the Beybladers meet up once again with the Majestics. The European hotshots teach our heroes one final, vital lesson before they reach the World Championships. After everything the Bladebreakers have been through, it all comes down to this moment: the World Championships!

Kai, Max, Kenny, Ray and Tyson are together again, and they're a stronger team than ever. But they each have their personal battles to overcome. Kai must face his evil grandfather, Tyson competes against a super cyber-Beyblader and Ray's showdown becomes a matter of life and death. True skills will make them winners, but only true teamwork can make them champions.

Studio:  FUNimation 
As Seen on TV
Spoken Language(s): English
Production Year: 2003
Run Time: 125 Min.


Recommended for Viewers Age 7 and Over


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