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Inu Yasha Season 5 Vol. 42, Ep. 124 - 126

 Inu Yasha Season 5 Vol. 42, Ep. 124 - 126
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After the long period of searching for Naraku, Inuyasha and his friends find themselves face to face with their greatest enemy. Despite their combined efforts to attack Naraku, they find the newly reborn Naraku much more powerful than before. Naraku leaves Inuyasha and the others to die inside the now crumbling Mount Hakurei. Before they can pursue, Naraku drops the previously captured Koga into the depths of the mountain.

Inuyasha and the others have no choice but to save Koga and the two shards of the Sacred Jewel inside his body. Meanwhile, Naraku is free to go after the one thing he has desired for so long - the death of Kikyo!

- Farewell Kikyo, My Beloved
- The Darkness in Kagome's Heart
- Transform Heartache into Courage

Studio:  Viz Video 
As Seen on TV

Director(s): Yasunao Aoki

Spoken Language(s): English, Japanese
Subtitle Languages: English
Production Year: 2003
Run Time: 75 Min.


Recommended for Viewers age 13 and Over


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